I’ve redone my Idea Inventory a few thousand times and, each time, I try new and wonderful ways to convince new clients to get specific about what they’re looking for. From the very beginning, when asked about their wedding’s theme, the most common answer is elegant.

That might be plenty sufficient for a salesperson at a clothing store, the color mixer at your local paint store or even the lighting guy at Home Depot, but elegant, to a wedding vendor, is like answering the question, “What candy bar do you want?” with “Hmm…something sweet.”

Elegance is, often, in the eye of the beholder. What is elegant to one person could be something else to another. Take a look at the photo at the top of this post. Elegant? Yes? No? If the answer could go either way, depending on a person’s tastes, then “elegant” is not the wedding’s style.  The photo below is a pic from the same wedding (Yes, it is a flower-covered carousel!). So, instead of “elegant”, what if we said “starry night” or “enchanted evening” or even “modern enchantment”? Would those fit the bill a little more than “elegant”? Yes! Because the wedding’s style or theme should describe the whole look, regardless of the onlooker’s personal taste. 

Figuring out your wedding style will help you in greater ways than you can imagine. Knowing your style will make your wedding planning decisions a million times easier and it will help to ensure that your vendors understand exactly what you want and, even better, will present you with ideas that you like right from the start!

So, starting tomorrow, I’ll be presenting my Visual Glossary of Wedding Styles!

But, before I do, have you heard of Pinterest? Pinterest is a wonderful place where you can collect all sorts of photos and organize them onto virtual bulletin boards. Whatever anyone posts (they call it “pinning”), you can “repin” onto your own board. You can also upload your own saved photos from other places and place them on your board. You can also “follow” people who are already on Pinterest so that you can see new pins they add to their boards. Not only do you get great wedding ideas and photos, but there are also super DIY ideas, recipes, and, yes, even boards full of totally hot guys (not that you’d be interested in those, of course)!

Pinterest is a lifesaver for your vendors because they can go to your boards and see, exactly, what you’re style is…even if you don’t quite know what it is, yet! I can go through someone’s Pinterest boards and, in just a few seconds, get a glimpse of their overall vision. Most of the time, the wedding style will emerge immediately and, not only will I be able to see it, I’ll be able to name it for you, too!

For those of you who are already on Pinterest and have a wedding board (and, thank you, Lily R. for having a board I can link examples from!), I suggest having two separate boards. One board for general ideas (like this) that don’t showcase a particular style or theme and one board for photos that depict your vision (like this).

Want to see a whole slew of wedding pics and ideas? Here is a link to all of my Pinterest inspiration boards: http://pinterest.com/evenstarpaperie.

If you’re not on Pinterest and you would like to join, simply click here to start!

And, I think I’ll also announce a little contest. If you’re on Pinterest, all you need to do to enter the contest is comment with your Pinterest wedding board URL.  I’ll pick a winner, at random, to choose one of the following prizes:

1. Response envelope addressing for 100 envelopes
2. Return addressing for 100 envelopes
3. $20 off shipping of your invitations
4.  50 free place cards or 20 free tented table numbers

I’ll choose a winner one week from today (January 28th)! And, stay tuned, for tomorrow’s first wedding style post!