Old-fashioned finery that is ornate and detailed, but also subtle and romantic.

Flowers by Splendid Sentiments

Soft colors (blush, ivory, pastels) often depict the Vintage theme well, as do neutrals and browns. When bold colors are used, the look becomes somewhat modernized.

Possible vintage decor includes lace, filigrees, suitcases, skeleton keys, books, cameos, trunks, petite floral arrangements, decorated glassware and vases, chandeliers, taper candles, mason jars, pearls

SUBSTYLES (more on these later)
Vintage Glam: old fashioned finery with bling!
Modern Vintage: vintage with a modern twist
Retro Vintage: vintage with a modern, trendy twist (i.e. polka dots, birdcages, lovebirds, stripes)

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