Rustic: Outdoorsy, day-in-the-country, casual elegance peppered with quaint, personal details
Bohemian: Artsy, nature-loving flamboyance with lots of personal touches


Before there was “Boho” (Bohemian Chic), there was “Rustic Chic”. Over the years, Rustic Chic branched off in several different directions: Rustic, Rustic Vintage, Eco (Green), and Shabby Chic, to name a few. But, the free-spirited, DIY flower children were left out of all of those directions. Thus, Boho was born (or, more appropriately, resurrected).


Because these styles are so heavily influenced by the outdoors, the color palette is wide open and often incorporates whatever the immediate surroundings entail. But, really, you can’t have a Rustic or Boho wedding without the color green (unless, of course, you’re getting married in the desert and then, maybe, you can get by without it!)

Rustic: Barns, fields, grasses, wildflowers, lanterns, wagons, wood, mason jars, tins, twigs, greenery, and golden light (sunlight/candlelight)
Boho: All of the above, but Boho is also a DIY (do-it-yourself)/community affair so it can incorporate pretty much anything someone can think up. Textiles and small trinkets appear to be popular decorations, as are things that hang (lanterns, twinkle lights, signs, pennants, etc).  Boho is very eclectic and individual, often driven by the personalities of the couple getting married.

A good many of my clientele don’t incorporate much of the Rustic or Bohemian styles in their weddings. I have to guess that’s due to the venues…a fancy catering hall makes Rustic/Boho a little difficult to pull off! But it is a fairly huge movement out West and in the South (which is kind of funny considering the West and the South very rarely have much in common!) and a lot of the wedding blogs and magazines have centered around the Rustic and Bohemian looks the past few years.

This leads me to a contest! (scroll down below the photos)

So that makes me wonder…is there a Rustic or Boho wedding that you’ve thought was pretty fabulous, even though you knew you couldn’t incorporate that theme into your own wedding? Since so many of you are on Pinterest, now, I’ve set up two group boards: one for Rustic Weddings and one for Boho Weddings.

This week’s contest is quite simple: Find a few examples and post them on whichever board is appropriate. If I think you’ve chosen something that fits the board you’ve pinned it to, I’ll repin it onto one my own boards. I currently have over 1500 followers, so the photo that receives the most repins and/or likes will win! And, if your original pin gets repinned by other people, I’ll count that into the total, too.

In order to post onto the group board, I need to be following you. I’ve gone through and “followed” all the people who entered the Pinterest URL contest a couple weeks back, but if you didn’t enter that contest, all you need to do is follow, at least, one of my boards. Once you do that, I can follow you and I’ll enter your name onto the group board.

To pin on a group board, you’ll receive an invitation via email. You can also go directly to the page (see link below) or look in the upper left corner of your main Pinterest page. You’ll need to “accept” the invitation in order to start pinning.

Here are the Group Boards:

Boho Chic

Rustic Chic

The winner will win their choice of one of my fabulous prizes:

1. Response envelope addressing for 100 envelopes
2. Return addressing for 100 envelopes
3. $20 off shipping of your invitations
4.  50 free place cards or 20 free tented table numbers

And, if you’re not on Pinterest, yet, go on over and sign up! It’s very fun!