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Contemporary weddings are minimal and have a lot in common with modern weddings except that there is quite a bit more uniformity and a lot less complexity. This is a very simple style, but it is not “simplistic”. The look itself is clean, yet abstract — industrial, yet elegant.

White is a popular contemporary color. Whereas modern weddings often have a bold color with a neutral color, contemporary weddings often have a bright color with white. It is the color that tends to fill the room and not a lot of details.

Glass, tall, slender centerpieces, abstract shapes, clean lines, color blocks, single flowers, sparse arrangements, metals, singular objects

Minimalist, Urban

Look for a new contest under the photos!!

Thank you to all who submitted entries to our Pinterest Group Board on Rustic & Boho Weddings! The winner of the contest was Heather W! Her exquisite Boho Wedding Dress photo garnered a 18 likes and 24 repins!! Outstanding!

This week, we’re going to be doing the same thing, only with Contemporary Wedding Photos (click those words for the link to the group board). If you don’t receive an invitation (and you’re on Pinterest), just let me know and I’ll add you on! If you’re not on Pinterest, I highly encourage it so you can participate to win your choice of one of the following prizes:

1. Response envelope addressing for 100 envelopes

2. Return addressing for 100 envelopes

3. $20 off shipping of your invitations

4. 50 free place cards or 20 free tented table numbers