Our Name

What does it mean? And how do you say it?

Very simply put, Evenstar is a compound word:

“even” + “star” = Evenstar

“Paperie” is “paper” with an “ee” sound at the end. It’s French and it’s supposed to be terribly sophisticated. :)

The name Evenstar comes from literature. It is a star in the sky above Middle Earth, the setting for J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. One of the few female characters in the book is also named for this star and the main character of the book carries a piece of the star with him as a “light in dark places”.

The Lord of the Rings is my most favorite book of all time so, when I was coming up with a name for my company, I knew I wanted to incorporate it somehow. But, there was another reason Evenstar had special significance for me.

About three weeks before I started my little company, the cat who had been my constant companion for almost my whole adult life went outside one evening and never came home. I was devastated…inconsolable, even. It was maddening to know she was out there, somewhere, but I lacked the resources to be able to find her. We searched and searched, but she was never found. For the five years that we remained in the little house from which Eve disappeared, I never, once, turned off the porch light when I went to bed. The light stayed on all night, every night, just in case she found her way home.

Her name was Eve.

So, as I went through the names from The Lord of the Rings in my little brainstorming session, I knew, in an instant, that Evenstar was perfect. It had a little bit of “Eve” tucked right into it.