Wedding Day Stationery

Programs, menus and more!

Randi & Steven’s Card Box

All Wedding Day Stationery items are made to match your invitation set. Therefore, the same fonts, colors, and graphics will apply unless you request otherwise.  The design and production process for Wedding Day Stationery is much faster than it is for wedding invitations. Because you already know the papers offered and have seen how things print, physical proofs are not mailed. Instead, your items are designed and then you proofread and approve using screenshots sent via email. This allows the entire process (from design to shipping) to take place in a matter of days instead of weeks.

We will typically begin working on Wedding Day Stationery about 2 weeks prior to your wedding, with the exception of card boxes and panel fans. Those items require a bit more time and materials, so they are started earlier.

The completion of the Wedding Day Stationery Pre-Order Form will put you on the schedule for Wedding Day Stationery.  This schedule is published, daily, on the Daily Client Status section of the website. When you have all the details finalized and your guest lists ready to go (for place cards), you can fill out the Wedding Day Stationery Worksheet. You may send this form in up to 7 days prior to your wedding.

The service contract signed and returned with your invitation order also covers all Wedding Day Stationery so a separate contract is not required.