Services & Base Prices

Base pricing below includes:

  • invitation with a graphic and one matte or metallic layer beneath it
  • three inserts
  • a mailing envelope
  • response envelope
  • all printing, cutting and assembly of glued layers and embellishments (Note: inserts are to be placed in their pockets and/or envelopes by the client)

The following prices are for a set of 100 invitations*.
Click on the column headings to see an example of the format.

Layered Card
Pocket Card
Jacket Pocketfold
BASE PRICE* $3.60 $4.50 $5.05 $5.20
Additional layer +$0.50 +$0.50 +$0.70 +$0.70
Additional insert +$0.50 +$0.50 +$0.50 +$0.50
Single ribbon w/ embellishment +$1.65 +$1.65 +$1.65 +$1.65
Ribbon corners w/ embellishment +$1.75  +$1.75 +$1.75 +$1.75
* Orders of over 100 will have a slightly lower price per invite. Orders of less than 100 will have a higher price per invite.

 Service Price per piece
Guest addressing $0.40
Return address on flap
of mailing envelope
Response envelope addressing $0.20
Envelope Liners $0.20 (DIY),$0.45 (w/Lining service)
Inner envelopes** $0.25 – $0.40 (depending upon size)
Inner envelope addressing $0.30
Individual Swarovski crystals $0.20(includes crystal and placement)
Glittering $0.30 (minimal)$0.60 (detailed)$1.00 (heavy detail)
Ribbon around outside of pocketfold $0.35 (vertical pocketfolds)***$0.70 (horizontal pocketfolds) ***

* This is a sampling of other services…it is, by no means, an exhaustive list! Please specify all your needs (and see a list of all services) on our Idea Inventory
** Inner envelopes are not response envelopes. Response envelopes come standard with all invitation sets are are included in the base prices at the top of the page.
*** Pricing does not include cost of ribbon