The Design Process

  • Step 1: Getting to Know You
  • Step 2: Preliminary Designs
  • Step 3: Proof
  • Step 4: Mailing
  • Step 5: Editing & Preparation for Production
  • Step 6: Production
  • Step 7: Packaging/Final Payment/Shipping

Step 1: Getting to Know You

The Idea Inventory

  • The Idea Inventory gives you a place to write down all your ideas and gives us all the necessary information with which to begin your custom designs. The Inventory can be completed and submitted online here:Idea Inventory (Weddings)

    Idea Inventory (Parties/Showers/Events)

  • The inventory also has a place to specify your budget range. We will look at this range and keep it in mind as we go through the inventory. That way, we’ll be able to tell you if everything you’re wanting is possible within your price range. If not, we will work with you to pare down some of those “extras” so that you can get an invitation that represents your style, your wedding and, most importantly, your budget without sacrificing the quality and overall look of your invitation design.

Initial Contact

  • You will be contacted within 24 hours. This initial contact email will start the dialogue for the rest of the design process. Your response will determine how we proceed. In most cases, you will receive some clarifying questions and be encouraged to register for the Daily Client List to monitor your progress throughout the design process and production.

Step 2: Preliminary Designs

  • I take all the information you’ve given me in your Idea Inventory and your inspiration photos to create 2 – 3 preliminary designs. Preliminary designs are rough draft screenshots like those seen in the images below. Your job is to look at the designs and let me know what you love, what you don’t quite love and what you’d like to see changed. We will take your feedback and create 1 or 2 more designs for you. This process continues until everything is just right! Most often, the design we take with us to the next step is a composite of both (or all) preliminary designs.
  • Preliminary designs are mostly concerned with graphics, fonts and a very general color scheme. It is also good to get invitation wording out of the way at this point in the process, but it’s not a requirement to move forward to the next step. You can always make changes to content later.

Step 3: Proof

  • A physical proof of your invitation is made with all layering, embellishments, and inserts. Once the proof is put together, it will be photographed and put on the website. You will be sent an email with the link to your photos! Then, the proof itself will be mailed to you.We ask that you do not make any content changes during the proof stage. Content changes and other revisions are made in Step 5 (Mailing)...

Step 4: Mailing

  • You will be sent a mailing (a real mailing…not an electronic mailing). This mailing will include:
  1. The proof of your invitation
  2. The price quote
  3. Paper swatches of all papers and used to create your proof and alternative papers you may want to consider.
  4. Ribbon swatches are also sent if ribbon has been used on the invitation.
  5. A contract, pre-signed by Evenstar Paperie, to be signed and either faxed or mailed back.
  6. A separate proof of all text to be proofread
  7. A Proof Approval Form to be completed with all the necessary edits and returned.
  • When you send back your signed contract and completed proof approval form, your spot on the production list is reserved. You may also opt to send your initial payment at this time. The first payment covers the materials necessary to make your invitations. It will be specified on your price quote.

Step 5: Editing & Preparation for Production

The last section of your Proof Approval Form will ask you how you wish to proceed. How you answer this question will determine what your next step will be

  • Reproof

    Clients who are making major changes to a proof (i.e. different paper colors, different format) will want to make sure they like they changes they’ve made. In this case,they will need to opt to receive a “reproof”.
  • On hold for final edit

    Clients who are making content changes that do not affect the materials and/or visual presentation of their invitation design will be able to verify that all their changeshave been made when it comes time to do their final edit. In the meantime,
  1. Clients will pay their materials deposit by (or before) the date specified on their contract via PayPal or check
  2. Materials will be ordered
  3. Clients will be sorted, by wedding date, onto the production list (see more info in the “For Clients” section of this website)

Step 6: Production

  • After giving final approval, the invitations will be printed and the materials will be given to an Evenstar Paperie

    assembler to cut and assemble.

  • Final Edit

    Just before it’s time to start printing, you will receive a Final Edit email that should have incorporated all the corrections and revisions made on the Proof Approval Form
    Clients have 24 hours to send approval or make additional revisions before we move on to the next person.
    If clients are using Guest Addressing services, they will need to send their address list at this time (see "Frequently Asked Questions" page for addition information about final approval and addresses)

Step 7: Packaging/Final Payment/Shipping

  • When the invitations have been assembled and everything is ready to go, they will be packaged and weighed. Clients will then receive an email with 2 – 3 shipping options with different arrival dates and prices. We offer shipping via FedEx Ground (7-10 days), USPS Priority (2 – 3 days) and FedEx Overnight. Once the client chooses a shipping option, the shipping charge will be added to the invoice and a final invoice/statement will be issued.
  • Clients may pay, instantaneously, via PayPal so the box can ship out the same day.
  • Clients will receive a tracking number to track their invitations and prepare for their arrival!